List of Slow Digesting Carbs

When people eat, probably do not take into account the impact the speed of digestion has on our health. You can find 2 types of carbs : complex and simple. Flavor (or intensity of sweetness) is not the basis of the distinction between complex and simple carbs. Even though the foundation of most carbs is sugar, simple carbohydrates break down quickly and often lack the fibre and nutritional elements that complex carbs contain.

Simple carbohydrates give you a rapid boost of energy, but will leave you sluggish soon as a result of the rapid digestion (that’s what exactly is called the insulin trap).

Complex carbohydrates (called polysaccharides) digest slowly, letting you keep an excellent energy balance. Polysaccharide are starchy carbohydrates that are present in a lot of grains, vegetables and legumes.

Advantages of Eating Slow Digesting Carbs

Since complex carbohydrates take longer to be absorbed, the break down of glucose is slower, as well. The longer it will take for glucose to enter your bloodstream, the more stable your blood sugar levels be. If the body is flooded with tons of glucose at the same time, that extra is stored as glycogen and body fat.

List of Foods With Slow-Digesting Carbs

The following list of slow digesting carbohydrates include a few of the greatest and most plentiful sources of edible complex carbs. Let’s take a look…

Whole wheat pasta is a very good slow digesting carb because it is made from whole grain. To eat more healthy pasta you can make a delicious pasta with pesto or pasta with chicken and mushrooms.

Steel cut oatmeal (as well as Buckwheat, Barley and other whole grains) is not the same as the most popular instant oat meal. Instant oat meal has been highly processed and most of its slow digesting carbohydrates have been removed. Here some ideas for a great breakfast: porridge, these whole meal biscuits or this pancake.

Sweet potatoes are complex carbs providing you a slow spike to your blood glucose over a long period. While regular potatoes contain slow digesting carbs as well, sweet potatoes contain more of them. As the name suggests, they are naturally sweet in flavor, making them a great choice for sweet cravers.

Brown rice is rich of slow digesting carbs, supplying a long lasting feeling of fullness. What about this delicious lentil soup with brown rice?

Black beans, Lentils, Soybean and legumes are slowly digested in the human body and are not just polysaccharides. They have high amounts of fibre that slower digestion. Try out these kidney bean patties or this wonderful Mediterranean style burrito.

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli. I recommend you this spinach ring recipe or this pasta salad with spinaches.

Nuts, figs, raisins and edible seeds or fresh fruit like Blueberries, Apples, Avocados, Apricots, Strawberries, Prunes, Grapefruit are other good carbohydrates to eat.

So…what’s now! Just go ahead and start slowing your carb digestion!!!